About Me

I'm Jay, a web developer by day and internet junkie by night. 2006 was the year I officially started my career as a web developer, after moving to Kitchener to work for a small consulting firm.

Since then I have worked for various companies, as both an employee and contractor. This has given me the opportunity to hone my technical and people skills in the financial, insurance, education, and consulting sectors.

Although I enjoy landscape and portrait photography, street photography has always interested me the most. I love capturing moments and memories of people being themselves. No canned poses or fake smiles.

When the sun is shining and global pandemics are nowhere in sight, I enjoy sailing out of Kingsville (my hometown) on Lake Erie. Years ago, my friends showed me what the aquatic world had to offer. Sadly, I don't get to join the crew as often nowadays, but I do make the most of what I can get. When I'm on the water, I feel this overwhelming feeling of power wash over me. What can I say? It is the perfect time for my wind and wits to take over.

When I am land-locked, you can find me on my cross bike or just out and about. This way of life keeps me in shape and is incredibly therapeutic. I try to get in a few larger rides each summer, the largest to-date being the MS Grand Bend to London tour, totaling 150 kilometers across two days.

Every kind of endeavor I have faced makes me the person I am today.

Services I Provide

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Web Development

I provide full-service web design and development including HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, C#, APIs, eCommerce and more.


I provided portrait, website and product photography services.


Here are a few samples of my photography. More can be seen on my 500px and Instagram pages.


Havana, Cuba

Going Out

Havana, Cuba


Havana, Cuba

Light Cereal

Waterloo, Ontario


Havana, Cuba


Kingston, Ontario

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